Lose calves with the bike

By | July 5, 2018

The calves are a part of the body that is often left in plan during slimming plans.

Yet they add to the overall aesthetics of the human body and especially of the woman; To remedy this and refine the calves, the bike remains an essential option for everyone.
The bike, the police of the big calves

In order to lose weight too big calves, the practice of field biking or indoor elliptical bike is an excellent remedy.

Indeed, this sport solicits all the rvxadryl muscles of the body from the arms to the feet but insists greatly on the lower part of the body, namely the thigh, the legs and the calves.

So, what’s more suitable for a person wanting to lose weight calves.

In order to achieve convincing results, we recommend following the following program:

Start with stretching and emphasize especially the legs and of course those calves that we will be happy to work. Start the session with a slight warm-up of 10-15 minutes at 50% pace.

Chained with a progressive acceleration over 20-30 minutes, maximized to 70-75% of pace to avoid too much tension on the muscles mentioned above. Finish on a slowdown spread over several minutes to avoid shocking the body.

Perform these sessions several times a week (3 to 4 times would be ideal). Do not forget to lengthen the times and speed as you gain in endurance.
The inconvenients

Although the elliptical trainer remains a viable activity to lose weight, it must be kept in mind that too much effort leads to micro lesions of muscle tissue that will cause them to strengthen. In other words, cycling too much gives you muscle mass that will obviously make your calves fatter.

To avoid this scenario, which may be unfortunate given the slimming objective, it must be ensured that the effort is always moderate and that a balanced diet is always respected.
The reason behind the big calves

The main cause of high calf volume is nutritional imbalance. Indeed, the storage of fat caused by too much consumption of foods rich in lipids.

This fat will therefore spread through all the storage areas of the body, including the stomach, hips and calves, resulting in their magnification.

In addition, high salt intake can lead to water retention where parts of the body are overloaded and gain in volume.

The second suspect is the practice of intense sports. By this we mean sports that require significant movements of the lower body such as sprinting, tennis or any other form of collective ball sport.

These intense movements will lead to considerable development of the calves and therefore an increase in their volume.
Now that the culprits have been identified, how can we stop them?

In conclusion, the big calves can hinder a fine and balanced silhouette. To remedy this the bike is a sport par excellence to lose weight as much of the calves as the other parts of the body.

However, abusing it will go against your main objective by giving you hypertrophied thighs and calves.

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