List of foods that help lose weight

By | July 4, 2018

When we try to lose weight, we often find ourselves imposing drastic and binding diets that certainly help us lose weight but do not bring us any pleasure.

Yet, losing weight can be done naturally by refocusing one’s diet on foods burning fat perfect for losing weight. A small non-exhaustive list of foods that help you lose weight.

Green tea
A slimming drink par excellence, green tea is reputed to be a powerful antioxidant and an effective fat burning as part of a diet. Green tea contains catechins that improve metabolism and therefore burn more fat.

Oats and barley
Replace your morning cereals with oats and white rice or pasta with barley will allow you to lose weight faster including Rapid Tone abdominal fat. The metabolism will consume more energy and therefore calories to digest whole grains. They are ideal dietary cereals for vegan and vegetarian and are rich in iron and magnesium.

Lean milk
Calcium is important for your health, but do not overeat it. However, when the body misses, it sends a message to the body that starts to store fat. Better to eat a little in the form of lean milk or lean cheese. Prefer to consume it at breakfast. For those who do not support lactose, we will turn to vegetable drinks.

The apple and the pear
Both fruits are rich in flavonoids, substances that work like fat burners. These foods can increase energy expenditure, limit the absorption of sugar.

Rich in vitamin D, sardine is a very low calorie fish, rich in omega 3 and calcium. Excellent for health, they are an essential slimming asset.

Walnuts and almonds
High in fiber, protein and good fats, nuts and almonds help you lose weight, including abdominal fat by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin and helping to melt fat.

The salmon
We do not present it anymore. Rich in omega 3, salmon has a very high satiety index. It is especially recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Flax seeds
These seeds contain lignans to reduce adipose tissue. It is therefore consumed daily in cereals, yogurts or salads.

Excellent source of protein, low in sodium, eggs are recommended for a diet since they allow to lose weight while keeping the muscle mass.

The banana
Very low in fat, rich in potassium, bananas are also rich in magnesium and are one of the simplest fruits to digest. With its high index of satiety, it is essential in a diet.

So these are foods to include in his daily diet with ease.

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