Hawthorn to lose weight?

By | July 7, 2018

In search of the perfect figure, you dig your head to find the best slimming foods to test. What luck for you, nature is so made that it offers us the embarrassment of the choice. Among the little miracle allies, today we talk about hawthorn. Sure, you’ll adopt it!

What are the health benefits of hawthorn?
Hawthorn is a plant with the thorny stem of the family Rosaceae that produces in the spring delicate white flowers (adored bees that make a delicious honey) and in summer fruits in the form of small red berries also known as of “Shan Zha”.

Used since ancient times to regulate heart problems and calm stress, hawthorn was also associated with many beliefs. It keto plus diet was said that it brought luck and protection against evil spirits. Hawthorn has a proven effectiveness on health and well being, it is very appreciated by lovers of alternative medicine, including homeopathy or essential oil.

Rich in flavonoids that give it antioxidant properties, vitamins and omega 3, it is also (icing on the cake) an excellent fat-burning! Hawthorn indeed acts on lipids by promoting their degradation. Less reserves of fat, less unnecessary pounds, we can only approve!

How to integrate hawthorn into my diet?
The hawthorn products are numerous and allow to have the choice according to our preferences and our eating habits.
First of all, it can be tasted as an infusion. Not containing excitants like caffeine or caffeine, there is no problem in drinking at night after the meal to facilitate digestion during the night. For an even more relaxing recipe, we can add other plants such as chamomile or valerian that promote sleep.

You can take a cup of hawthorn tea up to three times a day for several weeks to improve its effectiveness.
Another option to slim down with hawthorn is to take it as a dietary supplement. These capsules, along with a healthy diet, will help you fight against weight gain and cellulite.

Some tips for choosing and using hawthorn
Before taking dietary supplements, it is always best to consult your doctor to check that there is no contraindication given his state of health. This is especially true for the pregnant woman during pregnancy.

Hawthorn is a flower that grows in northern countries with a temperate climate, you can try to grow at home, with a good green hand, a little patience, and most importantly, zero pesticides. If you do not have the time or garden space available, hawthorn products can be bought in pharmacies, at a herbalist, at the supermarket for herbal teas or in your favorite organic shop!

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