Does fruit sugar make you fat?

By | July 1, 2018

It is customary to hear nutritionists advise us to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day in order to stay healthy and stay in line. keto fit This recipe appeals to the extent that it perfectly reflects the concept of “healthy and balanced eating”, a major motto in the world of thinness.

However, we must not forget that fruits are also composed of sugars, a substance with a bad reputation. So, does fruit sugar make you fat? This is what we will quickly discover through this article.

How does sugar in fruits make you gain weight?
Contrary to prejudices, there are fruits that make more weight gain than others because of their high sugar content. At the top of the list are dried fruits. These dehydrated fruits are indeed a real mine of candy with the same compositions as its fresh counterpart, but in 4 to 5 times more concentrated.

Imagine if you swallow the equivalent of 5 times more fruits in a single date, it is more than normal that you gain weight. In the fresh fruit category, grapes come in first place with 16g of sugar. In second position, there are bananas with 15.6 g.

Finally, mangoes close the podium with 14.8 g. Note that all these figures are the equivalent of 100 g of fruit. The sugar contained in these fresh fruits has detrimental effects on our body insofar as it creates dysfunction in our liver.

He is no longer able to do his job properly to eliminate the bad cholesterol in our body.

Thus, the triglyceride level can quickly jump and causes small beads here and there, unpleasant to see.

The effects of fruit sugar on health
Basic, eating fruit is always good for your health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they improve the overall functioning of the body. However, there are adverse effects. The fruits naturally contain sugar.

Although it is not as dangerous as cane sugar, its consumption must be done in moderation, especially in the case of people suffering from diabetes. According to doctors, the maximum amount allowed per day in this case is 15 g of carbohydrates.

To give you an idea, it would be the equivalent of half a banana a day.

Our tips for keeping the line with fruits
The majority of fruits are excellent for keeping the line. Among them, the avocado suffers from a bad image as being a fat-rich food. This is completely false, because this fruit brings on the contrary the good cholesterol necessary for the elimination of unsightly fats. In addition, guava is the best diabetic.

Indeed, this yellow-orange fruit keto fit reviews is probably the one with the lowest sugar in the list. A real Mother Nature gift for fans of sweet desserts at the end of each meal.

In conclusion, fruit sugar can save weight, although its effects are not as devastating as that of cane. To prevent any risk of weight gain, the best advice would always be to eat moderately, regardless of the food.

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