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13 ways to cure cystitis without resorting to antibiotics

This infection of the lower urinary tract is very common in women, which manifests as a symptom of pain when urinating, burning, frequent urination, fever, malaise, caused by bacteria that affect the female urethra because it is shorter than in the men. If you want to know how to cure cystitis , in our health… Read More »

Crunchy granola without sugar, honey or syrup

Good! How are you? How about your festivities for Father’s Day? We did not celebrate it here, in fact, we celebrated almost no “day of”. The weekend is ending and, like every Sunday afternoon, is an excellent time to plan the week’s meals. I always prepare a list with the foods and ingredients that I… Read More »

What is cervicobrachialgia

This term, rather than actually referring to a disease as such, refers specifically to an injury, which in the vast majority of cases is caused by inflammation or irritation of a cervical root. The pain that this injury produces, although it is in the cervical area originally, in some cases can reach the arm and… Read More »